Rim Rock Trail

Rim Rock Trail is a fantastic, scenic, long, rugged trail. I took my little siblings to walk this, and I told them it was only 3 miles (like the map said it would be). However, this trail is what I like to think of as a balloon trail. There is the string that takes you out, and the loop at the end. So the loop itself is 3.2 miles, and the string is 1.8, so in total it’s really 5 miles. You can imagine how that went down for my little siblings. Not well. This is a very popular biking trail and is very challenging to walk. There is a total 808 foot climb throughout the trail. This is a great trail and is totally worth the walk out there. To get to Rim Rock, go to the Cove Wash Trailhead, and then head up the cliff that is adjacent to Cove Wash East and you will find the signs that lead you out to the trail. This trail is the one that branches out to Rim Ramble, Rim Runner, and Rim Reaper.

Trail Information:

Trail Designations: Hiking, Biking.

Distance: 5 miles

Time: 1:42 minutes

Difficulty Level: Hard

Facilities: There is a parking lot at the beginning of the trail

Cool Things: This is the main trail of the “Rim Trail” trail system.

Views: There is an incredible view of the valley with ridges that lies towards Bloomington, UT.

Trail Map

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