Rim Reaper Trail

Rim Reaper is an incredible and beautiful little trail showing a great big valley and steep rims near scenic Santa Clara, UT. The hike itself is fairly easy despite the 83 foot climb, it’s the hike there that is slightly longer. Rim Ramble Trail branches off of Rim Rock Trail, and is not a closed loop trail. This trail dumps into Rim Reaper Trail, which is a short trail that begins and ends on Rim Rock Trail. This is probably one of my favorite hikes that I’ve done so far.

Trail Information:

Trail Designations: Hiking, Biking.

Distance: .8

Time: 16 minutes (Hike there not included)

Difficulty Level: Easy (40 ft climb)

Views: There is a spectacular view of the valley that is below this rim. There are really cool rocks right next to the rim and the mountains nearby are stunning.

Trail Map

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