Cove Wash West Trail

Cove Wash West Trail. This is a great trail if you have a bike. The scenery was pretty and was pretty much the same throughout. The terrain was very sandy and is not ideal for walking. There are many ramps that have been made right next to the trail. This trail goes on for a long ways, but I only marked it to where I felt comfortable going on my ride. You can continue down the wash, but it just gets more rugged after that. The descent to the trailhead itself is fairly treacherous. There are some rocks that have been placed to even out a really bumpy part of the road, but it is still very dangerous and I would recommend hopping off your bike and walking it down the hill. This trail has around a 510 foot climb, which is a factor those who would be interested in biking it. This trail begins at the Cove Wash Trailhead.

Trail Information:

Trail Designations: Hiking, Biking.

Distance: 3.9 miles

Time: 1 hour 20 minutes of walking each way

Difficulty Level: Really Hard

Facilities: There is a parking lot at the beginning of the trail

Cool Things: There are ramps off the side of the trail.

Views: There are some huge rocks next to the mountains that are breathtaking, and quite fun to climb, I might add.

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