Barrel Roll Trail

Barrel Roll Trail is an amazing trail that is very scenic, and challenging and is a favorite for mountain bikers. This trail takes you up to the edge of a mountain and you get a great view from the cliff and it’s very rewarding. This trail loops, and is very demanding with a 888 ft climb. There is a shortcut named Elusion which will make the trip about 3 miles shorter, but you will miss the view at the top of the cliff. This was one of my absolute favorites, it was physically demanding yet tons of fun. I would personally recommend taking a water bottle, because it is about 6 miles round trip.

Trail Information:

Distance: 5.8 miles round trip

Time: 2 hours and 7 minutes

Difficulty Level: Hard

Facilities: There is a parking lot at the trailhead.

Cool Things: There is a shortcut that cuts through the middle of the trail, but you will miss out on an impressive view at the end.

Views: You get a great view of the mountains in Santa Clara, and a spectacular view of the valley below.

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